Monday, November 10, 2008

[WEC Reports] New Zealand: They did it!

9/11/2008 4:20:09 p.m.

Andrea Smith and horse Sierra Nevada were placed 31st in the 160km World Endurance Championship in a time of 11:46 yesterday.

Kevin James the High Performance Director said today that the team is very happy with Andrea's performance and that she has done NZ proud. When asked how Andrea was feeling today, Kevin said "a box of fluffy ducks".

There were 127 starters in the World Championship with an unbelievable 70 that "vetted out". The low completion rate says a lot about how difficult the climatic conditions and track may have been.

Smith's completion and excellent placing has given NZ the ability to compare, how we sit on the international stage. It is at times like these that the future of the sport, heading into WEG 2010, looks very promising and exciting for Endurance NZ.

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