Sunday, November 23, 2008

FEI 2009 General Assembly, Buenos Aires

Eighty-three National Federations gathered in Argentina for the 2009 General Assembly.
Full review online

Endurance topics:
ENDURANCE 21/11/2008 View online

The revision of the Rules for Endurance - 7th edition, effective 1 January 2009 – was adopted. They are the result of a major review which began in January 2007. In fact, it was the largest and most in-depth consultation process ever undertaken in this discipline. It was done by a Task Force in cooperation with the National Federations involved in the sport. The new rules are largely based on the concern for the welfare of the horse. The major topics to be noted are the categories of endurance events; rest periods (as amended following a revote by the General Assembly following a failure to approve the original timings); and progress from one level to the next. Another significant improvement is the introduction of a pre-FEI national system (Novice Qualifying) for riders and horses, though not necessarily as a combination. All horses and riders must have successfully completed Novice Qualifying to be eligible for CEI Star Qualifying. To progress from one FEI star level to the next, riders and horses must have graduated from the qualifying process. The full text of the rules is available here.

Education Programme

This Education Programme, for which sponsorship has been secured for the next two years from Hydra Properties, will work on the revision and formatting of all of the Courses for Endurance Judges (Levels I and II), Technical Delegates and Stewards to reflect the new rules.

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