Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kazakhstan: FEI approves 2009 Asian Championship date

The 2009 Asian Championship will be held 16-17 May, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Almaty is the former capitol of Kazakhstan, located near the border with China. Previous Endurance events in Kazakhstan include the Championship ride.

Source, Equestrian Federation of Kazakhstan:

On October 18, 2008 in territory of a horse farm "Altyn SuTek" the competitions of Endurance Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held.
The competitions have passed at a distance 30, 60 and 120 kilometers.

The national champion at a 120-kilometer distance became representative of Ust Kamenogorsk (club "Titan") Yuliya Starikova on Russian trotter Poligon.

At a distance of 60 kms a victory Natalya Dolgikh with Batiy have gained. They represent Almaty club "Altyn-Tay".

Kamilla Djumasaeva and Pinochet also representing "Altyn-Tay" have won at the shortest distance of the Championship.


Geographically Kazakhstan is a part of Central Asia, Kazakhstan is more than twice as big as the four other Central Asian republics put together and is roughly half the size of mainland USA. The landscape of Kazakhstan is diverse. The northern forest-steppe turns into steppe, half-deserts and deserts in the South. Kazakhstan is mineral rich. Enterprises involved in extraction and processing of coal, oil, gas, non-ferrous and ferrous metals play a leading role in the national economy. The Republic is a multinational state inhabited with representatives of more than 120 nationalities. The main religions are Islam and Orthodox Christianity, but religious tolerant is the norm. In recent years lots of mosques and churches are under construction and the number of religious people is growing. But Kazakhstan is not as religious as other republics of Central Asia, and as a heritage of the Soviet Union a great number of people are not religious at all.

Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and the former capital of the Republic. The population of the city is over 1.300.000 people. Almaty is a multinational city where various Nationalities are represented as follows Kazaks 51%, Russians 37%, other nationalities 12%. People of Almaty communicate in Russian, Kazakh, or their native languages. Sudden exposure to the outside world has turned Almaty into Central Asia's most cosmopolitan city with shops, restaurants, hotels and casinos that would make the place unrecognizable to anyone who had been away since 1990. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan till December 1997. The city has long straight avenues and low-rise architecture. The Zailijski Alatau Mountains rise like a wall along Almaty's southern fringe and form a superb backdrop. There are lots of parks, space and greenery.

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