Friday, January 04, 2008

New Zealand Disease Specialists Learn from Australia Equine Flu - Jan 4 2008

by: The Horse Staff
January 04 2008, Article # 11111

New Zealand exotic disease specialists drafted into the equine influenza response team battling the outbreak of equine influenza in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, will apply knowledge gained through handling this outbreak to improve their emergency response system.

"From the NSW experience it is apparent that equine influenza could travel from one end of New Zealand to another in a very short time," said Helen Crabb, an epidemiologist from Waikato, center of New Zealand's equine industry. "The best way New Zealand can prepare veterinarians for outbreaks of exotic diseases is to send people to work on outbreaks across the world such as England's foot and mouth and Australia's (equine influenza)."


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