Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mubarak opens today Pan-Arab games

Egyption State Information Service
Sunday, November 11, 2007
President Mubarak opens the Pan-Arab Games at 7:00 pm with a number of Arab Kings and Presidents as well as Arab and foreign athletes attending including the Palestinian president and the head of the International Olympics Committee.

The 11th Pan-Arab Games (11-25 Nov.) will kick off in Cairo, the Arab Sports Capital, Sunday11/11/2007, with more than 8,000 athletes from 22 Arab countries participating.

They will compete in 33 games. The event will be covered by 1500 representatives of the media.

The opening ceremony, to be held at Cairo International Stadium, will feature a song by renowned Egyptian signer Tamer Hosni, to be followed by an operetta titled "Arab history and civilization".

More than 5,000 armed forces personnel, in addition to 950 students from the physical education faculties of Zaqaziq and Melwan universities, will take part in the operetta.

The operetta's music is composed and orchestrated by Omar Khairat. Executive direction will be under the supervision of the Armed Forces Department of Morale Affairs.

Egypt participates in these games with the biggest number of athletes, 671 athletes, followed by Saudi Arabia represented by 314 athletes, then Kuwait with 239 athletes.

Furthermore, Egypt takes part in 29 games, in addition to four for the handicapped.

Endurance Coverage of the Games

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