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Will the World Equestrian Games Return After All?

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Due South | April 30, 2019

As the problem-plagued 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) wrapped up in Tryon, N.C., one thing seemed clear – there would not be another WEG, at least next time around in 2022. But hold on a minute before you write WEG’s obituary.

Surprise! There already is one entity coming forward and revealing its interest in bringing WEG back for 2022.

First, though, a bit of history before the big reveal. You must understand that the difficulties involved in staging the WEG as a compilation of eight world championships are legion. (The FEI is now saying there are seven disciplines because it is including para-dressage with able-bodied dressage as one, but they ain’t the same.)

The feeling in many quarters after the Tryon experience was that WEG had just become too big and way too expensive. When the WEG began as a one-off in 1990, it included only six disciplines. Reining and para-dressage were not in the picture.

The success of that event in Stockholm led to a decision that there should be another WEG in 1994, though perhaps the FEI should have quit while it was ahead. Paris, the original host, cancelled, and the Dutch stepped in at short notice. Unfortunately, the 1994 WEG in the Hague was a financial disaster...

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