Monday, May 13, 2019

Pioneer the Gaucho Derby in March 2020

The greatest test of horsemanship and survival skill on Earth

Sat on a horse, drenched to my skin, squinting to stop my eyeballs being blasted by icey laser rain, battling our way over a pass in the Andes was where I realised the Gaucho Derby is going to be the most epic thing humans and horse can do together. I’ve recently returned from the depths of Patagonia on the route test of the soon to be legendary Gaucho Derby. And well… it’s going to be the greatest test of horsemanship on the planet.

Cutting your way through endless forest with no paths for a full day. Cresting wind-blasted peak after peak. Crashing out for the night under the stars with our trusty steeds beside us. Working for sections with not just your own horse but a pack horse. One wrong navigation decision might cost a full day’s ride.

This is going to be the other toughest horse race on the planet. And different to the Mongol Derby in pretty much every way. Apart from the horses thing.

And now it’s time for that most excellent thing, the Pioneers edition of the Gaucho. This is the first time it’s ever been tried. This is when the adventure is greatest. When you will really be cutting a path through equine history. Helping to shape the race for riders to come.

we’re opening applications for the very soon. 

We’ll be releasing little bits of information over the coming weeks so stay tuned...

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