Monday, May 13, 2019

Argentina: Successful second edition of the Bragado Endurance Festival - Full Article

13 May 2019
Race report made with the assistance of Cecilia Hynes

Bragado Endurance Festival, Bragado Endurance Club, Bragado, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May 2019. Organised for the second consecutive year, Chacras del Bragado received more than 150 entries in its BEF (Bragado Endurance Festival), with M7 Stables Sponsorship.

After last year’s magnificent organisation, many riders and spectators joined the event. There were Uruguayan, Chilean, American, Chinese and local riders.
This time, the heart rate monitor system for the horses was “Kronos”, and same as last year Yamamah APP showed the live results.
On Thursday, after the horse admission, a horse auction was held, to partially subsidise the expenses of the Argentinean team who will compete in the Pan American Championship in Llay Llay (Chile) in October. These horses were donated by Argentinean breeders to promote the sport and help the Argentinean riders. The auction was a success and all horses were sold...

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