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Sweden: Göingeritten a more than 30 years old tradition-filled distance ride - Full Article

31 May 2019
Race report Susanne Hansson

Glimåkra, Sweden. Saturday 18 May 2019. Göingeritten is a tradition-filled distance ride with Glimma Ryttarförening as organizer. The ride has been arranged in various forms over the years since the start more then 30 years ago and has also been Swedish championship event for several years in a row.

This year, the competition was held with a complete new competition centre at Trollacenter in the Glimåkra.

“I was here as a rider for the first time in 1988. Since then a lot has happened with the event and with this new arena it is a fantastic competition” said Danish Lone Aalekjear Hansen, president of the international judge delegation in place.

Saturday hosted four separate distances with 120, 80, 50 and 40 km rides. The weather was perfect for riders, horses, officials and spectators, a pleasant temperature and a nice breeze...

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