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Mongolia: Gobi Gallop 2019 - The Road to Kharkhorin Set to Begin May 31st

May 28 2019

The 10 intrepid riders of the Gobi Gallop, the longest annual charity horseback ride on the planet, are heading to Mongolia from all corners of the globe this week. They are set to head off out of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia on May 31st to head to their starting point of their ride just outside of Tsetserleg, Arkhangai.

Arriving in Tsetserleg late in the afternoon of June 1st, they will spend their time meeting their valiant, Mongolian steeds, ensuring that their tack is all adjusted and comfortable and getting familiar with local riding techniques and local culture. Each rider will be required to cover a minimum of 20 kilometers in a traditional wooden Mongolian saddle but for the rest of the journey they will be provided with comfortable modern Mongolian saddles with break away stirrups and toe caps for safety. With the guidance of local guides from Horse Trek Mongolia the host of the Gobi Gallop each year, each rider will have 2 horses to undertake the 700 kilometer / 10 day odyssey across Mongolia to raise money for Veloo Foundation’s Children of the Peak Sanctuary Project.

Not a race, but rather a true endurance ride that sees the challenge of managing the strength and endurance of both rider and horse for the full 700 kilometers, the Gobi Gallop is more of a team sport than a race and the focus is on getting all of the horses and riders across the finish line 700 kilometers later, healthy and happy. This year marks the 7th annual Gobi Gallop and, as always, will be capped off with a very upscale 5 star gala & charity auction at the White Rock Centre in Ulaanbaatar to welcome back the riders and the crew and congratulate them on completing this astonishingly tough ride.

To date, the Gobi Gallop and Gobi Gallop Gala have raised in excess of $450,000 USD to aid Mongolian children and families who scavenge in the trash to survive and they expect that this year’s event will carry them above the $500,000 USD mark.

Full updates on the progress, weather and challenges of the ride can be found at @GobiGallop on Facebook beginning May 31st.

More information and photographs about the ride, the route, the participants and the charity available on request.

Veloo Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit in the United States and a registered Canadian charity.

Media Contact: Buka
+976 95013120 (Mongolia)

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