Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Abu Dhabi: Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship Updates

December 6
Ariel MacLeod (Canada)
Well now is the start of a new day, wonder would adventures Abu Dhabi brings us today. Finally got some sleep! That might help to be more functional. Going to see Summy soon and take her for a little ride :)

December 7
Lientjie de Wit (Netherlands)
The Emirates Palace Hotel so so so so beautifull ...... and gold glitter where you look ..... ONGELOOFLIK!

Ali Toft (Australia)
Ferrari World... mega nice cars... went on worlds fastest roller coaster!

Maura Leahy (Canada)
Well initially when i saw the price of the AEU map for my GPS at $123 decided not to buy it, well, trying to find things is way too difficult, we always get there as there are multiple routes to get there. And we are getting to see a lot of Abu Dhabi becuase if it. Yesterday we spent way too much (i'm not saying how much) time to find a mall..... purchase the map last night well worth it - will make getting to the opening ceremony and closing cerimony much easier. :) way too many good driving stories :)

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