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Abu Dhabi: Young Rider/Junior World Endurance Championship Update by Netherlands' Yara de Boer

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Posted on December 8, 2011
Written by Yara de Boer at 5:00 p.m.

I would love to tell you how it is here, how we all experience .. but it is so hard! Stabbing people on the highway, newspapers are sold at the roundabout, melons are sold along the highway and the people are so nice here! I actually feel quite at home ..

7-12, '11
In the morning there grooms left for the horses to feed them, water measuring, stables and fattening them in check. All four top they look out! Also they were very excited when they were in the barn .. when we (the riders) arrived we left the desert to walk with the horses. The further we went into the desert, the happier they were. It's hard to describe what it does to you, if you see the horses so enjoy!

In the afternoon two hours near the stables. For example, the horses rest and we can eat. Many fruits, but also many sweet, haha!

In the afternoon we prepared the horses for horseback into the desert to go before the first ride! A quiet ride and a half hours, the horses motion. In the distance we saw something that was growing. It was a herd of camels who met us on our route. The horses had to let this sink in before she decided to go around .. The horses are very happy, feeling strong and just want to walk! It is so special for the first time on your horse to move after they have made such a journey. Then we looked after them, and yes .. they face with a blanket on the night! Best fresh then.

At night, began the opening ceremony at the 'Palace' in Abu Dhabi. What big, beautiful and lots of luxury that was! In the courtyard were the riders of each country behind his own flag. In our music we walked round a show then followed with a bird on horseback, dancers and a speech to invite us for dinner. And of course that was also delicious! It was also nice to have some time to bring the others to speak. You're all working towards the same goal.

First grade, the major Sheiks

8-12, '11
This morning again grooms the horses went for the same reasons as the previous day. Sometime later, we arrived the riders and the horses went into the desert to ride, but this time for two hours. The horses were fit! We drove more and did more with the horses so we have a round can run as much and as beautiful sand! It's just sand, but am definitely not boring. We looked in our eyes, while we had our hands full with the horses, so feel good! After the ride we washed them for the inspection tomorrow. After lunch, the horses are Trimmed and a few grooms for the horses went to walk with them. The riders stayed at the hotel for us to prepare for the contest. What, who, how in the vetgate etc, and still like to sit quietly. Something for the first time this week. And it tickles all, we want to horses! See how the horses enjoy ..

In a few minutes, we picked up by a bus for a dinner in the desert. No
idea what to expect! So quickly, quickly gather everyone. Word fun!
Update coming soon.

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