Friday, October 28, 2011

Great Britain: Dornoch riders compete well in Wales - Full Article


TWO Dornoch horse riders successfully completed an International Endurance Ride in Wales recently, two of five Highlanders representing a 12-strong Scotland team at the event.

Bragha Hayes, a 13 year old, second year pupil at Dornoch Academy, with her horse Sam, completed the two day 80km event, The Dragon's Egg, as a Scottish Junior, and Lois Canham (31) from Rearquhar with her horse Coral's Dream finished the 50km Novice Horse Event.

Tough riding conditions across the steep Welsh hills, and soaring heatwave temperatures, resulted in only five of the 12 Scottish riders completing their events, resulting in a disappointing fourth place in The Home International and Celtic Challenge competitions.

The home team, Wales, won the Home International, while Ireland won the Celtic challenge, with Wales winning the best team award overall.

Having won both events in 2010, this was a disappointing result for Scotland.

The Highland team members were Bragha Hayes, Lois Canham, Lorna Benson, Tilly Hepburn Wright and Candy Cameron...

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