Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Pan American Results

24 October 2011

Uruguay's Bernardo Algorta riding Cacique won the 2011 Pan American Championship for the Gold Medal on Friday 21 October 2011 in a riding time of 5:59.27 for the 120 km. USA's John Crandell, riding Heraldic, won Silver, finishing 4 minutes behind Algorta. Heraldic was in the lead when he fell 1 mile from the finish line - "it winded me for a bit, but when I got up I was able to shake it off" in Heraldic's own words - and went on to finish in 6:03.38. Valerie Kanavy and Spectacular Gold finished third for the Bronze medal, 2 minutes behind Crandell.

Uruguay won Team Gold (Sofia Castells on Canuto Molles, Paula Fort on Campanina, Jorge Martinez on Nagfour), USA won Team Silver (John Crandell on Heraldic, Valerie Kanavy on Spectacular Gold, Deborah Reich on Pandor), and Chile on Team Bronze (Lukas Buckel on Konsterrus, Alejandro Kiss on Al Hatal El Shamaat, Ana Maria Novoa on Pistrat).

In the Young Rider division, Chile's Sebastian Taverne on Eclipse won Gold in a riding time of 6:04.58 for the 120 km. Colombia's Cristina Mutis riding Tiawa finished 2nd for the Silver medal 6 minutes later, and CHile's Benjamin Boetsch riding Khadijah finished in 6:21.34 for the Bronze. Chile won Team Gold (Sebastian Taverne on Eclipse, Benjamin Boetsch on Khadijah, Pablo Llompart on Ankar Samuray) and was the only Young Rider team to finish.

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