Thursday, October 06, 2011

Australia: Determination wins for Oxford Falls rider - Full Article

6 Oct 11 @ 02:30pm by Andrew Priestley

HE was told it couldn’t be done, but Cherry Cummins and her horse Winter showed all doubters when they completed a 400km endurance ride, coming fourth in their weight division.

Ms Cummins, 21, and Winter took part in the Shahzada, a five-day ride around St Albans in northwest Sydney.

The Oxford Falls pair rode for up to nine hours every day of the Shahzada, billed by organisers as the longest annually held endurance riding event in the world.

She was told by her riding colleagues the event would be impossible for Winter, since the 12-year-old gelding has a clubfoot and was difficult to motivate.

“It felt so good because I was always told the horse couldn’t do it,” she said. “He finished the hardest ride in the world.”

The ride involved Ms Cummins and Winter being up at 3am every day for the ride, held at the end of August, riding along “the most ridiculous terrain” on bush tracks and, at times, over boulders...

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