Thursday, October 13, 2011

Australia: Success at NSW State Champs Endurance - Full Story

October 10 2011

Congratulations to Bridi Rice and Pocket Full of Posies with a successful completion at the NSW State Championship Endurance Ride where they completed their first160km... in the rain!

The diminutive pair were almost swimming as they crossed the last river in pitch black and pouring rain. They were the last pair through before the crossing was deemed unsafe and closed.

The conditions were appalling, I drowned 3 coats over the 20 hours I was on duty, one of them a well-oiled drizabone. I lifted a Keiffer saddle that had no dye left in the panels and must have weighed at least 15 kilos! Riders commented it was the first ride they had ever come in having gained weight instead of lost it!
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Rosie didn't acquire any injuries but I was on hand for her arrival back into camp at every check, where a big concern was keeping a wet pony warm while she rested in the cold, wet conditions...

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