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VI Kaliber Andalucia: Stage 4 - Ecija - Cordoba

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April 6 2011

Another morning but we are in the stables preparing the horse numbers
are painted on their haunches, every morning we look at the special
chalk numbers were retouched and ready for a new race day.

Since the municipal of budding equestrian club and the presence of the
mayor and delegate of sports, giving the output, are headed the 35
pairs participating in this 4 th stage of Kaliber VI-Andalucia, to the
point of departure.

On the Km 45 of the greenway and pass the road, given the output from
the snack shop this way, the way that has been built on the old train
linking Marchena and Córdoba. Road used by both cyclists and walkers,
nature lovers and a clear path as smoke and beautiful green landscape
of spring.

This stage will take us to the slope of the Castillo de Almodovar del Rio, after 42Km route, through the countryside of Cordoba.

Castle in the most pronounced elevation of the region and Iberian origins and subsequent Roman camp being renovated several times, being the most important in 1902 by the Earl of Torralba, D. Rafael Desmaisieres.
The arrival, located along the hillside of the castle, green ground
and covered a multitude of spring flowers, witness the great rise of
two horses that compete for the stage victory, since the arrival today
was a goal, ie the first it reaches the goal is to win, of course, if
the 30 'maximum, pass the veterinary inspection accordingly.

In this struggle of arrival, Ruiz won Santi Perez, who not only won
the stage, but put in front of the general classification.

1 .- No 125 Jesús Ruiz to "Durango" in 2h-8'-57''to 19'56Km / h.

2 .- No 47 Santiago Perez to "Sayyed" in 2h-08'-59''to 19'56Km / h.

3 .- No 121 Paulette Maldera with "Louna Rivoira" in 2h-13'-19''to 18'92Km / h.
Full results of the test phase and, with all times of all riders,
recovery time on this link: Raid VI Kaliber STAGE IV.

The general classification is as follows:

1 .- No. 125 Jesus Ruiz in 11h-07'-36''

2 .- Marta Hidalgo No. 126 in 11h-09'-51''to 02 'of the first.

3 .- No. 129 Stefano Chidichimo in 11h-41'-30 33'-54''to''the

Riders and assists coming from his native Galicia, I miss their loved ones, even among friends, the long strip terroir and more loves.
After the stage, proceeded to the award and concluded this, all
attendees were invited by the Hon. Almodovar del Rio City Hall, a
magnificent lunch at the tent in a courtyard of the castle.
Rosa Montero results .

Greetings Gabriel en route.

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More stories, photos, videos and results here:

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