Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call for Canadian Endurance Riders to Compete in China

April 27 2011

Dear Canadian Endurance Riders:

A wonderful opportunity has presented itself! Endurance Canada has just learned that an invitation has been issued for upwards of four (4) Canadian riders to participate in an endurance competition in China.

This exciting news came following a recent path finding mission that was led by the Equine Canada Export Market Development Program (EC Export). Here is an excerpt from a recently published press release that will be issued in the coming days:

Path Finding Mission to China

This past March, six individuals, focused on the high-level goal of branding Canada’s equine industry, participated in a path finding mission to China. Over the course of five and half days, the delegation had discussions with numerous Chinese national federation and committee directors, government officials and horse and equine business owners. The delegation was led by Susan Stewart of SS Visions, a consultant specializing in export market development strategies, who was contracted by Equine Canada. It also included stakeholders from Canada’s Thoroughbred racing, reining and rodeo and barrel racing sectors, and a dedicated communications expert.  Drawing on sector-specific experts ensured knowledge-based discussions on this path finding mission.

Be sure to watch for the full release which will be distributed by Equine Canada. If you are not on their mailing list, it will also be featured at HYPERLINK "" and on the program’s Facebook page at HYPERLINK ""

The Invitation – Will You Accept?

While in China, Susan Stewart, who manages EC Export, was personally invited by the Mayor of Chongqing Municipality to attend the 90 km endurance race that will be held there on June 11–12, 2011.  At that time, an invitation was also extended to include three or four of Canada’s endurance riders. Endurance Canada is working closely with Susan to send a team to China. Susan has confirmed that she will be participating in the event with a focus on managing the communications and publicity for Canadian activities associated with it. In this capacity, she will be able to provide guidance and insight to the Canadian riders in addition to helping organize their participation.   

A conference call has been scheduled between Susan and the Chairs of Endurance Canada International and the Endurance Canada Committee for early next week. During that call we will map out some of the details of the trip and get a sense of the budget associated with it. We already know that the costs to attend will be significantly reduced thanks to the generosity of our hosts in China.

Prior to this conference call we need to know: ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING?

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