Monday, April 04, 2011

Great Britain: Team Selection Announcement

28 March 2011

After a very successful day at Kings Forest, I would like to announce, on behalf of the Selectors that the following combinations have been selected from the World Class Start Squad to travel to Mont Le Soie on 30th April 2011 to compete as a Team representing Great Britain. They will all ride in the 120km FEI 2*.

Fiona Griffiths and Dear Kate
Lindsey Comben and Radhwan
Andrea Champ and Driumghiga Luxor
Sue Higgins and Aberllywds Another Rose
Annie Ings and Alpha
Alex Freaks and Maresha

In addition members of the World Class Potential Squad will also travel with the Team and compete under the guidance of the Management Team, whilst supporting those not so experienced combinations, to obtain further FEI qualifications to progress their elevation to the Elite Squad. These combinations are as follows:-

Rachael Atkinson and Vanash
Claire Bruce and Ah Diba
Sue Rich and Czako
Lesley-Ann Parker and Velvet Echo

In addition Young Rider Squad Member Louise Rich will take Cziko to complete in the YR120 2*.

This trip will encompass members of the World Class Start, Potential and Young Rider Squads all travelling and competing together which is a huge step in the right direction to get all the Squads working together.

Di Latham, (Chair of Selectors)

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