Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Australia: 2011 NSW State Championships at St Albans on 11th and 12th June


The beginning of your quest for THE BIG THREE awarded by the NSW ERA

There will never be a better place to do a 160km ride than St Albans at the NSW State Ride……

There was a fantastic success rate at the Forgotten Valley Classic there two years ago. Experience the fabulous tracks and scenery that all us Shahzada tragics know so well and qualify for the Quilty (if you need to) in South Australia in September, another part of the Big Three. All you have to do is complete Shahzada in August after completing the State Ride in June and you and your horse are off to South Australia for the opportunity to achieve The Big Three.

This photo shows Katrina Bodewes and her horse Booramby Silver Elk who achieved the Big Three in 2010.

Lots of tears at the presentation this year, such a supreme effort and fantastic bond of horse and rider…….

come and give it a go!

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