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UAE: 2007 Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge

Leonard Leisens, Belgium
Leonard Liesens, Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge
(photos by Caroll Gatelier, see more)

Leonard Liesens from the Dubai Endurance City Seih Assalem where he competed in the 120km CEI*** event. "I finished 22nd out of 80 starters. Dubai has changed in just one year. Now there is grass everywhere in the vet and grooming area and horses are trotted on the grass as well.

Speed has increased as well. If you don't navigate 23Km/H or more, you are nowhere and no question to loose even a handful of seconds at the vetgate or on the track. What amazes me is the recovering time at the vetgate with horse galoping at 25..28 Km/H on the track.

I had a sweet french mare who was here since only 3 month. Hafiza du Mas, a mare with proven bloodlines by Dormane, ex Jamila du Mas, trained by Antonio Moreno and owned by Shaikh Mohammad. We finished 22nd at 19Km/H, maintaining a constant pace the whole race.

The mare is here only since 3 month and I think will progress a lot. She had already 2 160Km races in France at her credit. I had great fun, never any sign of tireness from her."

Full Photos and ride recap

Shaikh Saeed Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup 12okm winner: Mansour Ahmad Al Sabousi

Results 120km

Results 82km Qualifier

Results 43km Qualifier

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