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Portugal: 2007 Endurance European Championship "Open"

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What is the Endurance European Championship "OPEN“

The International Equestrian Federation (F.E.I) has the guardianship of the Championship; The Endurance European Championship, of the Senior, happens every two years, intercalated with
the World Championships;
Such as the name suggests, it’s meant for the European nations
and, therefore, it is with World Championships;
Due to the huge attendance of the discipline, F.E.I. decided to include in these Championships the assignment "Open"; At the end, it is the equivalent to a World Championship once most of the countries of all the continents mark presence in this European Championship "Open".

Any national championship, of the Europe or the World, as well as the so called 4 stars (****) competitions, must be competed in a 160 km ride, in one same day, in varied lands, in order to test the resistance of the horse.
The departures are given in line, i.e. in set, and with free speed. It is, at the end, a true race of horses in long distances.

It will have, however, two classifications - the final classification of the European Championship (individual heading and team heading), attributed only to the European nations and the final classification of the "Open" competition, also attributed by individual and teams, but having in account all the participant nations of the event.

8th September
2007 Portugal Endurance European Championship “OPEN”:
30 nations, 200 riders and horses, 325km2 of protected nature

A first time event in Portugal in what concerns equestrian sport but also in what concerns any other sport:

It will allow to bind the image of Portugal and link it to the development of other sides not yet explored such as the equestrian tourism and all the natural resources in the area that surrounds Lisbon;

It will impel in an active way the discipline of Endurance;

It will provide the national riders, participating in the event, with a bigger knowledge and more experience in the plan of international competition;

It will shake the national investment in what concerns the acquisition of new mountings, of believing in future projects, new knowledge of training and preparation of horses and riders.

It will allow that all the FEP officials, technicians and organisers, have direct contact with the international’s competition panorama, which, in any other way, is almost impossible to deal with;

It will allow the agents who have the guardianship of the national sports to realise, undoubtedly, that the equestrian development in Portugal is being implemented and successfully implemented, not only in what can be seen in the results but also in what relates infrastructures and the participants:

It will bring a new vision of the equestrian sport to the institutions related with the various intervenient sectors such as:

The tourism, hotels, gastronomy, trips, the several routs created in the meanwhile such as the Wine Rout or the Bull or Ribatejo Rout;

Developing the agriculture by presenting outdoors other agents such as our cattle, rice-paddies, marshes, pastures or the Tejo’s estuary, amongst many others;

That national economy starts to look to the equestrian sport as a partner in Portugal name’s divulgation, inside and outside of the county;

That the top equestrian events become credible and of national impact.

Committee of the Event

Paulo Branco - Vice President of FEP (Portuguese
Equestrian Federation) for the discipline of Endurance and
Technical Director of the Competition
Engº Francisco Barradas
Drª Antónia Mota

Equestrian Federation:

Av Manuel da Maia, 26 – 4º Dto
1000-201 Lisboa
Tel: 21 847 87 74/5/6
Fax: 21 847 45 82

Secretary of FEP

Manuel Bandeira de Mello

Filipa Rebelo de Andrade



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