Friday, February 16, 2007

UAE: 2007 President of the UAE Endurance Cup Underway

01 fresh, excited, prancing, beautiful horses just shot out of the starting gate. 5:45 Abu Dhabi time, still dark, a light fog, cool still, but it feels like it's going to be a hot one.

USA - 2 riders - Meg Sleeper on Shirroco Troilus, shipped from USA, and Fred Emigh on a local horse . Here's the list of starting riders. The riders from France, Portugal, UK, Australia and USA shipped their own horses, the other foreign riders are riding 'local' horses.

Portugal riders on shipped horses: Joao Raposo on Pipoca, Anglo Arab 10yr mare, Rui Pereira on Solero Tonecas on Cruzado, 8 yr gray stallion, Ana Margarita Costa on Piperino 14 yr gray gelding

Great Britain: Liz Taylor o Falaina Bint Chatanz, 13yr gray arab mare Abigail Lockett on Delorto Zaranz, 17 yr bay gelding

France: Philippe Thomas on Bara Park Bastien, 15 yr gray arab gelding Jean Philippe Frances on Hanaba Du Bois 12 yr arab mare

Australia: Meg Wade on China Doll 12 yr gray part-arab mare Penny Toft on Elctra BBP Murdoch, 12 yr gelding (appaloosa!)

Fausto Fiorucci is here riding a local horse - Kedjari Des Serres 9 yr saddle horse

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