Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Pinamar Ride Results

23Mar 2004
Steph Teeter and

We have received preliminary results for the CEI***/** events which occured at Pinamar Argentina on 20Mar. The 160km *** event was won by Joesfina Chas from Argentina riding JC Farid in a time of 9:53. This is an average speed of 16:19.

Best Condition for the 160km event was awarded to ZC Hyshah riden by Andrea Pajudas also of Argentina. There were 27 starters in the 160km with 18 finishers.

The 147km event was won by Beatriz Muriel riding Cal Flaming Mar in a ride time of 06:47:00 (18.72 km/hr ave). Best Condition was not awarded in the 147 km event. There were 17 starters and 8 finishers in the event.

Further results, including we hope, statistics for the gates will be availabel in the near future.

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