Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Pinamar Argentina 2004: Life on the Pampas

We returned to Miguel and Celina's estancia Sunday last afternoon. I had spent the morning working on photos and checking my email at one of the Internet Cafes in Pinamar. Miguel picked me up at the hotel and we took a small tour of Pinamar, a very charming beach resort town, and he showed me the various hotels and villas that were available so I could report back to the USET folks in case they sent staff and riders to the Pan Americans next year.
We coincidentally met a friend of Miguel's - Alina (Lola) Gonzales Vidal (a trainer and rider who has been working in the Emirates) and Jason Kirk, the Australian trainer at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club. Jason was in Argentina looking at endurance horses, and after talking with Alina and Miguel he decided to come the next day to Miguel's to look at his horses. Argentinean horses are becoming well known now in the Emirates, horses bred and sold by Los Estribos (Elena Romero Onata) recently placed 1st and 5th at the Presidents Cup, and 1st at another recent Emirates race - so Argentina is the new 'hot spot' for endurance horses. There are many buyers coming to look for both younger horses (5, 6 yrs) and horses that have competed well,"

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