Friday, March 12, 2004

2005: AERC National Championship - FEI Division

Bill and Jan Stevens
Fort Howes Endurance Rides, Inc.
Home of the 2005 AERC National Championship

The AERC Board of Directors has approved that the 2005 AERC National Championship be held at the Fort Howes Ranch in Montana. In addition, the board approved sanctioning an FEI division to be held along with the AERC National Championship.

The Fort Howes site has hosted FEI/CEI*** events for the last 4 years. Additionally, it has hosted IAHA National Championship events.

The event is planed for June 2005. "We found in looking back through the past 2
years of endurance rides that there are more 100 mile rides with more
riders in May, June, and July." according to Ride Manager Jan Stevens. "Last year the winner of our ride was
from Canada, 2nd from Virginia, and third from northern Illinois. One
more item; there are only so many 100 mile horses in the US and if FEI
and AERC rides are separated then each will impact the other
negatively but if they can be combined there is a synergistic effect."

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