Sunday, March 14, 2004

Argentina: PanAm Pre-Ride

Argentina Arabian Horse Society Endurance Ride
Steph Teeter - 13 March 2004
Pinamar, B.A. Argentina

Today I rode a 45 km Endurance ride in Argentina!!
For this week and next, I am the guest of Miguel Pavlovksy. Miguel is a medical doctor, a hematologist, in Buenos Aires. He and his wife Celina own and operate a large estancia in the pampas, south of Buenos Aires. The estancia produces agricultural products (corn, soy, sunflower), cattle and sheep, and is most famous for its Arabian horse breeding program.

Haras San Andres del Moro is the home of truly exceptional performance (track, driving and endurance) Arabian and Arabian cross horses. With over 30 mares and several foundation stallions, the Haras is very productive. The ‘Moro’ horses are beautiful, with size and substance. One of the foundation stallions ‘Fugativo’ who has sired most of the ‘Moro’ endurance horses has also performed well in dressage, jumping and driving. His strength and versatility are typical of his offspring as well, with good minds and a very willing work ethic.

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