Thursday, August 25, 2022

Survive Iceland Endurance Race Begins Today!

August 25 2022

‼️SURVIVE ICELAND – the biggest endurance race‼️

The Icelandic equestrian association Landssamband hestamannafélaga] is organizing an AMAZING endurance race! 😍😍😍

Today will be the start of the 280km race, that will take 4 days. The route takes the riders across the Icelandic highlands.

10 teams from all over the world are going to compete in this spectacular event! 🤩 Vets are regularly going to check on the horses‘ welfare and the riders need to change horses every 25-35km 😍

This is an amazing and very different event and focuses a lot more on other qualities of our horses – compared to competitions. Stamina and strength will take you to your goal 🏆

We wish all horses, riders and organizers a healthy, fun and fair race! 😍

If you want to follow the race a little bit: the riders take spot trackers with them, so you can always see their position on this map:

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