Monday, August 15, 2022

August Mongol Derby Day 5: Halfway horse - Full Article

Holly Conyers 15th August 2022

Day 5 of the August 2022 Mongol Derby, and our glorious jockeys have made it at least halfway through the ride of a lifetime. Five days down, another five maximum to go (most likely less for our eventual winner). And yet, the podium positions remain too close to call. The leading pack, comprised of the six riders bedding down at HS17 tonight, has put some daylight between themselves and the next closest threats, a rival sextet stationed at HS16. But in Derby terms, a one horse station advantage is hardly cause for comfort: easily won or lost by a stroke of navigational genius or disaster; a champion racehorse or a steady plodder. The next few days remain crucial, as we take a look at how today’s events unfolded as competitors passed through pre-historic rock formations, sand dunes and hilly terrain...

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