Friday, August 19, 2022

August Mongol Derby Day 9: When it rains, it pours - Full Article

Holly Conyers
19th August 2022

If riders thought they had seen rain during the Derby so far, or for that matter anywhere else in their lives, Day 9 of the August 2022 Mongol Derby was here to laugh in their faces and highlight their ignorance. Crew members and riders alike were awoken this morning by the din of raindrops akin to bullets hammering gers and tents, as the previously amiable blue sky and fluffy clouds were replaced by a solid wall of dark grey cloud and sheets of driving rain, all hints of sunlight extinguished. Temperatures plummeted, boots filled with icy rain and substandard waterproofs were blasphemed and exchanged for dry crew kit. It’s been quite frankly hellish out there, but that hasn’t stopped 13 more of our astonishing August 2022 Mongol Derby cohort chugging over the finish line. And those who were still going by the mid afternoon were rewarded with another seismic change in the weather: a beautiful evening, complete with glowy pink sunset. Never a dull moment...

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