Wednesday, August 17, 2022

August Mongol Derby Day 7: The heat is on - Full Story

Holly Conyers
17th August 2022

Day 7 of the August 2022 Mongol Derby has drawn to a close. Our leading rider is only two horse stations from reaching nirvana: the finish line, complete with cold drinks, hot showers and clean clothes. And yet, it’s looking like the title could go down to our second nail-biting dash for the line of the summer. Erdene-Ochir Uuganbayar (EOU) has shaken off the rest of the leading pack and has made it to HS25, but the unflappable Callie King (CKI) continues with her quietly determined stormer of a race and lurks just behind him, camped between HS24 and HS25 and no doubt ready to launch herself back onto the steppe first thing in the morning. Which of these two, or any of the others snapping at their hocks, will hurtle over the line first?...

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