Sunday, August 14, 2022

August Mongol Derby Day 4: Ride, rinse, repeat - Full Article

Outlaw Kate
14th August 2022

Day 4 will go down in the riders’ memories as the day their gear either stood up to the ravages of weather or failed miserably while the skies chucked down moisture to an already saturated and soggy steppe. Did we mention that this race is tough? And Mother Nature can be a bitch? Not only are riders gunning for 100+ kilometers per day, they are withstanding incredible physical stress as they weather the weather and keep on pointing their horse’s nose towards that elusive finish line goal.

It’s at this point in the race that the little things matter: the candies/snuff/vodka graciously shared by the herder families at the horse stations; the warmth of the fire in the ger at the end of the day; the good humour of the medics as they patch up your butt. This race is an exercise in perseverance and an interesting case study on the effects of small acts of kindness, to say the least...

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