Thursday, September 13, 2018

WEG Endurance: A Different Perspective

12 September, 2018- 9:05pm

World Equestrian Games Endurance

Tonight I will tell you a story; my story shared with images I took today on a very challenging course at the WEG endurance race in Tryon, NC. I could not leave this venue until I wrote this story. So I sit alone, in the media center and tell the equine world what I saw today.

Today I saw the heart of a sport that I love. I saw the soul of the horse in his effort to please man, and I saw the thrill of the victory in the effort that it took these horsemen and horsewomen to get to these Games.

I saw the defeat of a race not finished. But yet, the race was finished in what I saw through my lens today. I saw commaraderie, I saw a spirit perservere between rider and horse that can only be attained by attemptimg to ride 100 miles in a day.

I saw crews working together from over 44 countries to obtain the same take care of the horse. I saw volunteers by the hundreds working all day for no pay to support a sport they love- or know nothing about. I saw veterinarians and FEI officials from many countries working together in the best interest of our friend the horse. And in the end, they had to make the ultimate decision to protect our friend the horse. So if you think the race was not won in Tryon my friend, I tell you it was, in what I saw today...

Becky Pearman- Photographer

You will soon be able to see Becky's awesome photography of the ride on her smugmug page:

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Unknown said...

Becky Perlman, this was the ultimate comment for our equine partners, thank you for posting this...I am also proud that they cancelled this ride before other horses ended up where we don't want to seem them. It is all about protecting the horse! Thank you.

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