Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We must speak for the horse, says endurance vet - Full Article

September 12, 2018

The growing prize money on offer in endurance has led to a fierce rise in competitiveness, which has increased the risk to horses, delegates to an international endurance veterinary conference ahead of the World Equestrian Games were told.

Veterinarian Dr Martha Misheff, in her opening remarks at the day-long International Endurance Veterinary Conference (IVEC) in North Carolina, said it was incumbent upon veterinarians to speak for the horse.

The conference, near Tryon, drew nearly 100 veterinarians and other endurance professionals from about 20 countries, including Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Northern and Southern America and Australia.

Misheff, a US equine surgeon living in the United Arab Emirates and a member of the FEI veterinary committee, told delegates: “We mustn’t forget the horse; because it is the horse to which we owe our careers, and the many opportunities with which we have been provided...”

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