Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Langley long-distance riding champion prepares for new challenge - Full Article

After winning the Mongol Derby, Heidi Telstad is planning to compete in a new 1,000 kilometre race

Sep. 3, 2018

The Langley rider who won the 10-day, 1,000-km Mongol Derby in a three-way tie in 2016 is preparing for a new challenge.

Heidi Telstad is getting ready to tackle the first annual Patagonia Derby, a 1,000-km horse race across Argentina that will resemble the Mongol race — for good reason.

The (original Mongol) Derby organizers are planning a similar horse race to the Mongol Derby except in Patagonia in the next year,” Telstad told The Times.

“The details are still in the works, as they want to build a race based upon the history of the Argentina horse culture and history,” Telstad said.

“It will be brand new.”

The route is still being researched, but plans call for the first event in October of 2019...

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