Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Italy: Monaco to Compete at the World Championships

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4 September 2017

In preparation for the World Championships for Young Riders under the age of 21, to be held in September in Vallegiosul Mincio (Italy), a number of nations recently attended the Pôle France du Cheval et le Don in Lignières, in order to take part in the final stage of the qualifying rounds. During the CEIYJ, the International Young Rider Race, which is 121 km in length, the young riders of the world’s elite were able to measure up against one other. French riders, former world team champions in Tartas, and riders from Qatar, Bahrain and the Principality of Monaco, represented by Emma Noury, were in attendance.

Ticket to Pisa

To qualify for the world championships, the Monegasque had to rank in three international races. Mission accomplished since, at the end of March, the young rider had obtained her first qualification with her steed, Tonik de Gargassan, while she came in 5th with Urga du Sauveterre in April...

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