Friday, July 29, 2016

Australia: Local takes on Mongol Derby - Full Article

Samantha Walton

29 Jul 2016,

A MOUNT Isa woman is one of four Australians who will take on the longest and toughest horse race in the world.

Camille Champagne is the co-manager of Linda Downs station located 225-kilometres south west of Mount Isa and will travel overseas to compete in the Mongol Derby.

The derby is a 1000-kilometre course that recreates Chinggis Khaan's legendary empire-busting postal system. Riders change semi-wild horses every 40-kilometres, and live with herders and camp under the stars.

Riders are only allowed to carry a five-kilogram survival pack, eat local cuisine and complete the course on their own. Competitors will ride through different terrain and weather conditions adding to the complexity of the challenge.

Ms Champagne was one of the lucky few to be selected to attend the world competition and said she had been preparing for this type of competition for many years...

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