Friday, July 08, 2016

Netherlands: Endurance Championship juniors known

By Tamara Buunk July 7, 2016

The KNHS makes it known the endurance team will represent the Netherlands at the European Junior Championships in Rio Frio on September 3rd. Five riders, three of which have participated in the KNHS AUDEVARD talent plan, have met the criteria, which will travel a full team to Portugal.

Liselore van Zetten and Jorrit Koopmans are long time member of the juniors framework and appeared in 2014 at the Junior European Championships in Verona. they both have trained a new horse in the last two years.

Liselore, a member of the junior team that managed to seize the Nations Cup at Fontainebleau in October last year in third place, went there to the 120km with El Kebir du Florival, and finished in a creditable 9th place with an average of 18km per hour. Early this year, the combination completed their first successful 160km in Abu Dhabi.

Jorrit and his chestnut gelding Conner gained their qualification at the 120km in Lanaken last year where he finished 8th in the 120km last April at Fontainebleau.

Imke Lamsma has already trained two horses from the base to the international level. With Sjacour she goes further prepare for the European Championships.

The two youngest members of the team are Laura Bucher and Ijjou Mohamed. Ijjou also was part of the successful Dutch team at the CEIO Fontainebleau in October last year. Akis with the Presle was fifth in Ermelo last May, which she claimed a team place.

Laura Bucher her international career started only this year, and with success. Fontainebleau she earned a creditable 8th place. Followed by a 3rd place in Villers-Pont Eastern AA with Kabila. With Kabila they will continue to prepare for the European Championships.

Dutch team in Rio Frio accompanied by KNHS youth coach Jarmila Lakeman designated for this match as chef d'equipe.


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