Thursday, May 07, 2015

Netherlands: KNHS ends collaboration with endurance Chef d'Equipe Emile Docquier

By Albertine Nannings May 7, 2015

The KNHS reported Thursday in a press release they will immediately stop collaboration with endurance coach Emile Docquier because of a difference of opinion.

Since early 2011, Emile Docquier has been involved in KNHS as the coach in endurance. Under his leadership Marijke Visser won silver at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy. The KNHS is looking for a new chef.
The results of a previously started internal independent investigation by the KNHS are within the endurance sport but apart from the above decision. The results of this investigation are expected to be presented next week, reports the KNHS in its press release.

The dismissal of Docquier follows the publication of photos of Docquier in which he was wearing a coat of Abu Dhabi , the capital of the suspended UAE, and assisting the also suspended rider Anzaq Mehmood in an endurance race in Schilde, Belgium. Even though Mehmood participated hors concours, Docquier received much criticism for it.

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