Friday, May 29, 2015

Mongolia: World’s toughest race back for seventh year - Full Article

By Charlotte Ricca-Smith on 28th-May-2015

The world’s toughest and longest race is back for its seventh year, with 41 riders from 14 countries riding 1000km across Mongolia on semi-wild horses.

Range of riders

As well attracting equestrian professionals, this year’s Mongol Derby features a range of competitors from paramedics to personal assistants.

This year’s race has seven Brits and one Irish rider, in the guise of amateur jockey Paddy Woods (51) from Julianstown, who rode in the derby in 2013, but failed to finish the ride.

The oldest Brit taking part is Iain Hayter (62) from Lymington. He broke his neck riding and was told he should have died, but says he wants to do the Derby “because it’s there”.

The youngest British rider is Sarah Cooksey (30) from Lincoln, who will be racing alongside her fiancé Daniel Reeds (34)...

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