Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Great Britain: Horse & Hound team to take part in Golden Horseshoe

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Amy Mathieson
5 May, 2015

A Horse & Hound team will be taking part in the Golden Horseshoe this year — in which is likely to be the final time the ride takes place.

The 2015 Golden Horseshoe (17-19 May) will be the 50th incarnation of the ride, but is likely to be the last on Exmoor as no one has stepped in to take over from the retiring organiser.

Ride organiser Barbara Wigley, 67, has been involved in the ride for more than 30 years and running it since 2007, but is stopping this year. The rest of her six-strong committee have said they are also giving up.

Showing, vet and point-to-point editor Aimi Clark, designer Emily Secrett, digital sub editor Rachael Hook and print sub editor Polly Bryan will be taking on the 23km pleasure ride challenge on Sunday 19 May.

Aimi will be riding her sister’s eventer, while the other three will be competing on borrowed horses.

“I’ve lived in Devon since I was 10 and always thought I should give the Golden Horseshoe a go, as it’s such a big deal and so close to home, but never have,” said Aimi...

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