Wednesday, March 13, 2013

France: The equine sector and the region of Normandy back the Games


On Friday 3 March, the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy Organising Committee brought together nearly 200 members of the Norman equine sector at the Lower Normandy Crédit Agricole Bank of Caen. The Committee was able to run through its plans for getting everyone to back the event just 18 months before the actual start of the Games.

Laurent Beauvais, president of the Normandie 2014 Organising Committee, along with Fabien Grobon – managing director, and representatives of the regional equestrian authorities (the Regional Equestrian Committee, the Lower Normandy Horse Industry Council, and the Hippolia Foundation for equine research and innovation) made the most of the occasion to review what had already been done and to prepare the major stages of the next 18 months. Those involved in the project were keen to highlight the importance of mobilising the support of the entire region in addition to the equine sector. The idea is to make this event a popular, sporting celebration so that the economic and social benefits for the region will be maximised for the coming 15 years.

« L'Elan des Jeux » (Run up to the Games) : a unifying regional project

As well as being a unique opportunity for Normandy to write a page in the history of top-level equestrian sport, hosting the Games is all part of a serious development strategy for the whole region. It is with this in mind that the call for project initiatives was launched by Luc Avril, the Lower Normandy Council territorial project manager. It is hoped that this will incite people to suggest their projects and to play an active part of the momentum that the Games will generate.

There are currently several thousand sports-related and cultural initiatives on the table, as well as social, non-profit and educational organisations that all stand to be rewarded and given official endorsement. These initiatives should promote Norman excellence, popularise both the event and equestrian activities and encourage an eco-friendly and innovative event.

All the Norman supporters wishing to get involved in the promotion of the Games and equestrian sports in Normandy, on a not-for-profit basis, have until 5 May 2013 to submit their candidature on the website (French-only website). The results will be announced from June 2013 onwards.

A 15-year legacy: « Beyond the Games »

This mobilisation should create a long-lasting heritage and breathe new life into the region. Seventeen strategic projects all linked to the Games or to the Games’ partners are going to be set up. They should go towards creating a positive image of Normandy as a region full of vitality. These projects will concern infrastructure/land development, tourism, research, promoting Norman and French excellence in terms of equine research, economy etc They will give prominence to a whole set of values; values that are dear to the Norman people and for which they are proud of. They will be the ambassadors of a truly attractive region. ,

Now is the time to get everyone together for what will be an exceptional year. An expected 500,000 visitors will all be playing a part in the biggest equestrian competition in the world!

Check the official website « Elan des Jeux » (French-only website) for further information concerning the territorial project and the call for initiatives.

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