Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dubai: Al Beloushi brothers score 1-2 in Crown Prince Cup - Full Article

Young Rashid blazes away on Davlyn Park Picasso

By M. Satya Narayan, Abu Dhabi Deputy Editor
Published: 18:24 March 23, 2013

Dubai: Rashid Ahmad Al Beloushi and his elder brother and trainer Yousuf Ahmad Al Beloushi made it a 1-2 for their family as well as Al Reef Stables to drive away with a Range Rover each after the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup, 120-km Two Star ride on Saturday.

The young Rashed on Davlyn Park Picasso unleashed one of the fastest final loop speeds when his average speed of 37.97 kmph for the final 20-km stage took him from 10th place to first leaving behind a handful of fancied riders including Yousef, who trained the winning horse. Even more remarkable was the winning time of 4 hours 04 mins 32 secs which was better than last year’s 4:21.46 - also set by a horse trained by Yousef when Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi won this prestigious ride on Cronus.

While Rashid rode Davlyn Park Picasso at 10th after 100 kms, Yousef was fourth on Elyphyn Silverlight while it was Saeed Ahmad Jaber Al Harbi on La Crysada who was in the lead. Even as leads were being exchanged at the top, young Rashid who had kept his horse’s speed to just over 24km/h in the penultimate stage of 20 kms, went for it and finally made it by almost breaking the four-hour barrier for a 120-km event...

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