Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A long and grinding road ahead for riders and horses in Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup

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Ali Khaled
Mar 18, 2013

The suits, the dresses and, of course, the hats already are being prepared, more than a week in advance. On Saturday, March 30, the Dubai World Cup at the Meydan Racecourse will be the epicentre for thoroughbred racing. And for good reason: the world's richest race will be run, part of the richest night of racing, and fans from around the world will be there to see and be seen.

For some racing enthusiasts, however, this weekend brings a different, more extreme but equally compelling brand of racing.
Welcome to the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup.

Over the coming weekend, Dubai International Endurance City will witness two races that may not carry the glamour of the Dubai World Cup but more than make up for it as tradition-steeped tests of horse and rider.

On Friday, the Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Ride, which is restricted to privately owned stables and individual jockeys, takes place over a gruelling 100 kilometres. On Saturday, the 120km Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup is open to all government-funded stables, as well.

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