Friday, March 22, 2013

Unique Columbian Horse Breed Makes Middle East Debut at Dubai International Horse Fair - Full Article


Dubai, Mar. 22. (BNA) -- As the finest Arabian horse specimens take centre stage at the Dubai International Horse Fair (DIHF), a unique “Paso Fino” Colombian horse breed makes its debut in the Middle East. Colombian exhibitor AlphaOmega, which exports Paso Fino horses, have introduced prospective buyers, breeders and trade visitors to the breed and have reported keen interest shown by the regional equestrian industry.

AlphaOmega manager Ricardo Avila Pineda said: “With a slightly convex profile of the head, an arched and muscular neck, slender and straight legs as well as small hooves, the Paso Fino is a widely sought after breed for smooth riding, endurance riding, horse shows, equestrian competitions and parade mounts. We have seen many interested buyers at the show who are eager to purchase this breed, which can sell from AED150,000 up to AED7 million for champion horses.” Pineda explained that the Paso Fino, meaning “Fine Step” in English, refers to the smoothness, elegance, and well-coordinated movement of the horse’s four hooves, which makes it so unique. With Paso Fino horses, each hoof moves independently from the other three hooves in a perfect succession, which translates into a rhythm of four by four...

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