Friday, March 01, 2013

Canada: Solstice sitting tall in the saddle - Full Article

Todd Vandonk|Mar 01, 2013

(BAILIEBORO) Solstice Pecile is well beyond her years when it comes to riding horses.
Solstice's love for horses began at a young age with the help of her mother. She was riding by the time she was able to walk. By the time she was six years old, the now 13 year old was riding on her own.

Solstice hasn't looked back and is starting to make a name for herself in the sport of distance riding, cleaning up at the 2012 Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association (OCTRA) Awards Banquet, earning high point overall horse, competitive trail horse, top junior rider and top Arabian horse.

"I was competing against adults, juniors and people that have been competing in the sport a lot longer then I have, so it is special," explains Solstice.

The sport of distance riding consists of four separate disciplines -- Set Speed, Competitive Trail, Endurance and Ride'n'Tie, each offering a variety of distances to choose from. Scoring focuses on the well-being of the horse which is required to pass a veterinary inspection before, at checkpoints during and again at the finish of all competitions...

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