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Mongolia: Anatomy of the Derbyist: Inside Adventures Giants - Full Story

by Katy on: 22 Jan 2013

The Mongol Derby is the world's longest and toughest horse race, a 1000km dash across remotest Mongolia aboard the semi-wild native horses of the steppes. It takes a very specific type of rider to tackle the hazards of the Derby; from exposure to sleep deprivation to broken bones, the Derby is a test of nerves, gumption and common sense as well as horsemanship.

So just what is under the helmet of one of these Derby riders? We sent Mongol Derby chief, veteran of the inaugural Derby in 2009, and rather amateur biologist, Katy Willings, to investigate. Her research suggested they are an entirely disctinct species: Adventurist Equestrianus Mongolicans.

Here she is with a head-to-toe look at the special features and key modifications of this most fascinating species, the Mongol Derbyist.

Head - unusually level. Adv. Eq. Mongolicans is not prone to feelings of over-excitement, fear, or panic. The large cerebrum allows the rapid assimilation of information such as the geographical lie of the land for navigation purposes, or which horse out of a choice of 35 will be the fastest or kindest, or what is mutton fat and what is noodle in a bowl of mixed materials served at daybreak.

Eyes - long-sighted, with well-developed night-vision, for locating horses who have high-tailed off into the distance, especially when camping out overnight...

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