Tuesday, February 05, 2013

India: Punjab to Pushkar in 12 Days Manu Sharma’s Dream Ride

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By Gina McKnight

On November 17, 2012, world-renowned equestrian and equine photographer, Manu Sharma, set a new endurance record for India. He has set the record for riding a Marwari Horse 612 kilometers in 12 days, a great feat of equine endurance and equestrian perseverance celebrated by Manu and horse lovers everywhere.

From Patiala, India, Manu prepared for this great event for many months. His record breaking endurance ride began at Param Gill Stud Farm, village of Chinniwal, district of Barnala, Punjab. Manu’s love for his native horse, the magnificent Marwari, shines through. Manu explains, “It was my dream to ride a horse for a very long distance. I started with training two Marwari colts; Manak and Punjab Kesri. I trained them for three months. Both stallions had enough stamina to travel 40 kilometers in one day, but in the end, I chose Manak for the endurance because Punjab Kesri was too young to take the stress of the journey.”

Manak is a beautiful dark bay Marwari. He has the Marwari signature curved ears that frame the heart of India. At seven years, Manak stands at 15.3 hh and weighs 425 kg. His long defined legs and solid muscular silhouette exemplify months of training, conditioning and Manu’s expert care. Manak is a true performance horse. His conformation is structurally correct; balanced perfection from majestic head to aesthetic tail. His forelock settles neatly over his white star, between his inward curving ears. A luxurious coat gently shimmers in the sultry India sun, covering his stalwart, suave frame. His powerful neck and artistic formation are the envy of his stall mates...

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