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Lesotho Rescue Ride

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Posted on February 6, 2013 by Sophia McKee

Stolen horses in the country of Lesotho are rounded up and held in government pounds. Horses in the Lesotho Pounds endure harsh conditions with no food or water. Many starve to death or die of dehydration while waiting to be claimed.

The purpose of the Lesotho Pound Rescue Project is as follows:

1) Raise awareness about the conditions in the pounds

2) Improve conditions through cooperative collaboration amongst the government, police, stock theft units, horse owners, concerned citizens, and donors.

3) Provide a forum for updates on the effort

4) Provide a location for posting photos/descriptions of lost/recovered animals in the various pounds (

The Lesotho Rescue Ride is a seven day trek from South Africa into the tiny country of Lesotho and back out. The ride was created to raise awareness about the plight of the horses within the Lesotho Government pounds.

The Ride is an effort to work with local government officials and international riders to raise awareness and funding for the Lesotho Pound Rescue Project.

Who: All Adventure riders are welcome. The inaugural ride will be launched by Mongol Derby alumni, but all adventure riders willing to pony up the dough are welcome. This is NOT a tourist trek. The ride will be limited to riders that have demonstrated experience in adventure riding and horsemanship. Horses will be provided for this ride and their safety and welfare is paramount. The ride will be long and tough over challenging terrain with a real danger from horse thieves. Navigation will be done via gps along a set track. No guides will be provided.

What: Seven day rough trek from South Africa into the country of Lesotho and back out. Estimated six hours a day of hard riding.

When: October 1-8

Where: Kingdom of Lesotho – the “Kingdom in the Sky...”

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