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China: Bayanbulak Swan Lake Equestrian Endurance Race Held in Xinjiang - Full Article

12 July 2010

The second Bayanbulak Swan Lake Equestrian Endurance Race was held Saturday at the Bayanbulak Grassland in Xinjiang's Bayingol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. Horse riders from different areas in and outside China have taken part in the race. Adopting the international rules for the first time, this race pays more attention to the welfare of the horses. Zhao Jianfu has the details.

More than 100 horsemen from all over China including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Xinjiang and other provinces as well as from Singapore have competed in the Bayanbulak Swan Lake Equestrian Endurance Race.

Xu Jingling, a rider from Singapore, tells us his feelings about the race.

"I took part in a similar endurance race last year in Inner Mongolia, that was more for experience. This time I'm trying to do better, but mostly is for fun. I think it's a good idea to adopt the international standards, because one of the main principles of the international standards is the condition and welfare of the horse, so I think it's very important they take the approach."

Although it's the second endurance race held in the area, it is the first time the standards of the Federation Equestre Internationale, or FEI, has been adopted in Xinjiang, and the second such race with international rules in China following the event which took place last year in Inner Mongolia. The whole 80 kilometer race is separated into four stages, and the condition of the horses is tested between them. The horses take breaks between the stages so as to guarantee they won't get hurt. If the physical condition of a horse does not meet the standards, it will not continue the race.

Man Zhenwei, chief judge of the endurance race, talks about the importance of adopting the international rules of equestrian endurance racing in China...

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